Retrofit Design Services
Architects / Interior Designers

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Retrofit an interior design company?

Yes, this is a service we provide, but first and foremost we are a general contracting and project management company. We welcome the opportunity to work with other designers! When the boss doesn’t have to sit down and design everything, we can actually get a lot more done on the building side. We treat our relationships with our design clientele very respectfully, and do our best to maintain them. You’ll find that the added bonus is you won’t be fighting with the contractor about that awesome little detail that ties the whole room together, he gets it! He’ll also help you look great in front of your client with all his resources at the ready!

A few examples of our collaborations:

Lori Elms Design – The Burg restaurant
Assaly Interior Design – Sommerville Wine
Wicket Blue Interiors – Shuttle residence, bathrooms, kitchens
Greg McClung Architects – Iron Horse Eatery, Black Sheep Pub


Retrofit has been building inspiring interiors for 10 years, with a specialty in kitchens and bathrooms. Whether it’s finding a way to make the most of a tight space, or creating an over-the-top luxury spa, we have done it!

Claw foot tubs, steam rooms, custom cabinetry, granite, heated floors, tile mosaic, rain showers and frame-less glass, to name a few! We also have a lot of experience in helping you make the most of that basement renovation, and suiting it to your needs.

Add to that our time in the food and beverage industry, and we’ll design that fabulous entertainment area you have dreamed of! And of course we work closely with a few different cabinet makers to do incredible kitchen remodels. Oh, did we mention garages and man-caves?


We are well aware of the constant problems that business owners have with keeping up with everyday maintenance, check especially in the food and beverage industry. Our extensive experience in building these establishments, and years of repairing them every Monday, lets us understand how to best solve these problems, and prevent them!

We have a mobile trailer (tools and materials) dedicated to the task of expediting your solutions, and keep you open! Often the problem requires both cosmetic repairs, as well as plumbing or other mechanical. We work closely with any trades required, and co-ordinate a timely repair. Often we can complete the job with in house staff.